Printing Green: Skip Sandman for Congress Yard Signs

Yard signs are mega-expensive and if you want to give the big money candidates, like many term US Congressman Rick Nolan,  some trouble then you might need the help of some local DIY punkers who can church out 250 18×24 inch double-sided yard sings in just a few hours (plus some extra minutes of hair tearing out over how to get cheap, friendly inks/paints/pigments of some manner to adhere properly to the very slick, uncooperative surface of these blank plastic signs)! A special thanks from Pedal Power Press to local hero Jesse Peterson; together we made this happen! Together we can stop the Minnesota DLF from monopolizing the left and all political dialogue in the Northland!

I haven’t decided yet on this whole endorsing political candidates in general thing, but this fellow is quite solid, I tell you. Whether or not grassroots electoral politics is your thing, I’d check out the platform of Ray “Skip” Sandman. Because whether our democracy can be representative or not, or whether third-party candidates will ever have a “real shot” at winning races, these are the issues (like the looming danger of sulfide mining in this region) that are critically important to our region for which folks here will fight tooth and nail!

Glad we could get these done!

And now that we know how easy it is to crank out these signs, fully expect to see the visual culture of Twin Ports to radically change!

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