Union Shop



IWW Sole Proprietor Recognition of Fellow WorkerJustin M. Anderson 

Whereas, FW Justin M. Anderson has submitted an application for IWW Sole Proprietor Recognition; and

Whereas, FW Anderson is a member in good standing; and

Whereas, FW Anderson is an active member and Delegate of our Union; and

Whereas, FW Anderson has been a sole proprietor for three years operating as a freelance graphic designer, printer, and print making educator; and

Whereas, FW Anderson meets all of the criteria for recognition as set out in the Constitution Article II IWW Shops c) IWW Sole Proprietors and in the MPP Section 8-5 Sole Proprietor Business Criteria & Policies 5.; therefore be it

Resolved, that FW Justin M. Anderson be recognized as an IWW Sole Proprietor and be issued an IWW Shop Card.

PPP Sole Proprietor Shop Card27082014_2


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